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"As long as you're enthralled by a lifeless form, you are not free" Bodhidharma

Evoking Shadows of Death is a collaboration with Russia's ritual collective Phurpa. Fusing ultrasonic vibrations and grim necro-atmospheres with the harmonious chants and deep, droning reverberations of the tantric voice, these two tracks are designed to help the chod practitioner tap into the power of death. Only those who have visited one of Tibet's charnel fields and witnessed the offering of a corpse to vultures may be able to understand the full impact of what the Chöd tradition refers to as places that inspire terror. Chöd involves a form of self-sacrifice: the practitioner visualizes their own body as the offering at a ganachakra.

Traditionally, Chöd is regarded as challenging, potentially dangerous and inappropriate for some practitioners. Evoking Shadows of Death is meant for
meditative purposes, but can be listened to even by the most naive of ears.

The special edition will come in a natural cotton bag silkscreened with the endless knot that was dyed and handstitched by Darea Plantin. This bag will also include a glass bottle containing shattered human tibia bone sealed with her left thumb print and one Yeshe Walmo rope incense from Tibet. The bag is sealed with black wax stamped with a sigil of destruction.


Limited cassette version still available through Black Goat Records

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